With Rayha `s arrival, a long awaited dream is for me been fulfilled. As a child I was already an absolute cat fan, and particulary impressed have me wild cats. But I thought it would "only" a dream and never thought that he would be one day come true.  I came to my Rayha like the Virgin to the child - totally unplanned brought a coincidence us together, and when I could to welcome her in our house, I was excited as a little child. From the first moment I love the beautiful "Wild" about everything, and I am so happy and proud that I have her.  Rayha sleep almost every night with me and prefer to eat when I feed her out of hand. With our Coonies cuddles and plays just like other cats together. And at night it is almost always with me on the couch. Nevertheless, it is a wild cat - and that must not be forgotten.  Rayha do not like some things, and she shows it clearly, by she hisses. She doesn`t like it, if we put her on our arms. She also doesn`t like strangers. if we have visitors rayha is going away.

august 2016 was a very hard time, because I have lost my  beautiful wildcat.. I was shocked and I could not believe it. I was very sad and I miss my Sweetheart every day. She was much to young to go, but the Life is sometimes very hard and unfairly.

Rayha was a enrichment in my Life and I will never forget her and she will stay forever in my heart.