I breed since 1994 this wonderful cats, and my enthusiasm for the
gentle giants is still as large, as in the beginning.
 I love my cats, as well as the
rearing of our kittens, although this hobby makes a lot of work and swallowing a
lot of money. But we shy away no expense or effort, so it goes well our cats.
And we get back a thanks, because our cats are healthy, well fed and have a nice
coat - "and when my cats are happy I'm happy. "
Unfortunately, this is not so in all catterys, and therefore it would be good if
all breeding will controlled. . I'm sure then it will closed much catterys. Nobody
should get a allowed to breed animals, if the welfare of animals is not in the
foreground. Animals are dependent of the people, and they have to
accept the life, which they get of him. Animals are helpless and can not
 defend themselves!