20th november 2022

  Update from all sides, only the side of boys is still in work

  10th november 2022

  we are promise on our Summerplace Girls

      7th march 2022

  Summerplace Giants

      10th april 2022

  Funny  Face has changed on the side of neutered cats

   07th march 2022

  Summerplace Giants

  20th september 2020

  our beautiful Girl Summerplace Baby Jane

      15th march 2018

  new pictures of my fantastic Funny Face - a Lady with  size like a big boy  (actuell 10500 g)

         9th may 2017

  our new family member

     19th august 2016

  in memory.......
5th february 2014   Rayha ourCouch-Potato

4th august 2013

  Summertime with Rayha

10th december 2012

  Rayha snow fun

8th august 2012

  Rayha and Cappo play in the garden
 1th july 2012   Rayha and Cappo have Summer feeling